JEGS Japanese Assistant Teacher Program(Language and culture exchange program)
JEGS runs a Japanese Assistant Teacher Program which places native Japanese Assistant Teachers in schools of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and France. This program helps students to focus on the cultural aspects, such as LOTE(Language Other Than English) programs conducted in the schools and ensures that students are exposed to first hand, real life experiences with a Japanese Assistant Teacher.

JEGS aims to place high quality, enthusiastic Assistant Teachers into your schools under the Department of Immigration approved such as DIMIA, School Language Assistant Program in Australia and with the approval of Immigration Service in New Zealand and Canada, Germany. JEGS has established and been running this program since 1988 in accordance with the requirements of the each countries’ Immigration Service and all the appropriate educational bodies.

In compliance with Government regulations the Japanese Assistant Teacher Program conducted by JEGS is fully registered with the appropriate Government Departments in these countries. JEGS itself is not a Government Organization.

Benefits for your classes…
An active and bright assistant:
・who is interested in teaching Japanese as a second language.
・who is trained in teaching Japanese Language and culture.
・who speaks good English.

Benefits for your students…
・Intercutural understanding
・Japanese Culture
・Japanese conversation & pronunciation skills
・New friends

Benefits for your school…
・Energetic and committed native Japanese Assistant Teacher
・A chance to experience Japanese culture first hand
・No cost to the school

Benefits for your teachers…
・Assistance in the classroom e.g. preparation of teaching materials and activities
・The opportunity to practice the Japanese language
・New ideas
・A chance to exchange ideas and beliefs

Benefits for the volunteer assistant teachers…
・A deeper understanding of Western Culture and life
・The experience of living in a different country
・Improved English(Germany)
・The chance to act as a cultural ambassador for Japan

How long can you have an assistant teacher for?
・From one month up to a full academic year

What happens during the holidays?
・Holiday activities are the Japanese Assistant Teachers responsibility, unless alternative arrangements are made by the host school or host family.

All JEGS participants attend an orientation before being placed in the schools. This orientation covers topics such as how to teach Japanese in English in the schools, the school syllabus, English communication strategies and culture classes. The Japanese Assistant Teachers are also provided with a teaching kit, to be used in the classroom.

JEGS’ role…
JEGS provides ongoing support both to the host schools / families and to the assistant teachers, should any problems arise JEGS staff are available for consultation and advice. In addition to this Assistant Teachers receive a monthly newsletter which keeps them up to date with the latest news and in touch with what other Assistant Teachers are doing.

School’s role…
The host school is responsible for selecting suitable host families for the participants. Usually one or two host families are recommended for each term. The host families should provide one bedroom and three meals per day. All host families are paid a set fee per week to help cover costs associated with the Japanese Assistant Teachers stay.

All JEGS participants are fully insured for injury, sickness and liability.

Application procedure…
・Applications should be completed and returned to the appropriate JEGS office four months before the start of the school term in which an Assistant Teacher is required.

*Please note that Non-Government Schools in Australia must register to participate in the program this is for Immigration purposes.

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